I have a swipe box at my studio. well, I have two swipe boxes. Two heavy boxes of graphic novel pages, ads, illustrations and inspiration. When I'm stuck, I go to my handy swipe box and sift through it. Nice logos. Posture drawings. Character brake downs...
For the longest time I've planned to digitise them. But then came AI and I no longer needed them.
This is my take on transparency, on how I work with AI in my creative process. A sort of chaos machine, not giving me exakt results, but tossing back misstakes and fun details to build on.
This is some work on a character from GenXia.one

I have a couple of prompts I often start with, they are vague but generate a lot of details for an AI to work with.
At this stage, yes I use artists names, such as James Christensen in this case. I work from a set of styles that are easily defined by a couple of artists names. But try to keep it vague as to not land in someones personal style.
In this case, I landed on using this one:

To make a version closer to my drawing style, I added this to the image promt; "in the style of miyazaki studio ghibli royal sister vs poor sister" and one of the results where the girl below.
At this point, a character started taking form in my mind. A warrior of the sand people. One of the last, protecting her settlement during the purge of the sands. I took this image as image prompt and added lots of different names, style and prompt add-ons to stir things up a bit.
Adding Geoff Darrow to the mix gave me some Godzilla derivatives. And in turn set me down the path of a tinker soldier, building her own machine. Something to fight for her. Maybe that should be a character in the history who children of the sands looked up to. The last soldier. "Learn to tinker and stand up for whats right" sort of deal.
These are currently the images I draw inspiration on:
This is where the character stands for now, a bit closer to my drawing style and not yet with a full background story.
You can read a short 5 page graphic novel on the role of the warriors here: Link on genxia.one
I hope this gave some insights to a flow where one can work with artist inspiration as a way to draw back the good old fashioned swipe box. In the end, I'll have to land in something I can draw anyways.
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