Hey, I'm Malin Grön & I design stuff.
For nearly 20 years I've been creating, drawing, designing, heading up art direction and such as a freelancer under the domain "Heybaberiba".
I called quits on freelancing in 2019 and and started working as digital lead designer for the public transport company Västtrafik. As of February 2022 I'm working with the amazing people at Chorus.se as head of design.

As a designer I'm versatile and people oriented. I believe everything starts with a user, viewer or receiver. I set my own personal notions aside and focus on the problem I'm there to solve. I do however keep strong ethics regarding what I choose to work with. We all want to make the world a better place if we can, right?

During nighttime I put on my magic kaftan and haunt the darkness of my studio under my presumed super hero identity; Kulturtanten. I try to paint a painting every now and then. In Wolf-short; I have a room of my own.
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