Distilled, consumed, regurgitated
I tried the Blinkist app today. Over 2000 non fiction titles, read, distilled and finally regurgitated by deep velvet male voices.
“Perfect for the CEO on the go” the commercial said. “Have you ever read 4 books in one day?” Every 15 minute, a new regurgitation, all divided into short “blinks”.

I tried the psychology section. During a cleaning spree in my kitchen I was reviled to be genetically scarred by my parents childhood traumas. I also got to know that my life would be wonderful if I stopped fighting with my partner and started talking to them. Somewhere between a particularly dirty pan and “How to stop the downwards spiral” I came to the conclusion that this was not for me.
Not only for the emotional whiplash or for the somewhat hefty yearly fee, but because I enjoy the process of storytelling. The consumption of unfolding at a certain pace, discovering, re-reading, highlighting and pondering.

I enjoy distilled things. But I prefer them unregurgitated and served in a glass with a splash of water.

Blinkist app
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