Back when I worked full time as a freelance creative I got asked to do a lot of illustrations. I love illustrating so I didn't mind that it became the most visual and marketable part of my work. I did a style guide consisting of originals of the same motif drawn in several different styles as a handy show and tell when clients asked me if I could draw stuff for their pitches. (I try to not draw or design specifically for pitch work, I simply do not have the time for it.)
I had a look at my old style guide and figured that "hey, I could do this one with AI to accommodate styles I know I can do, but have no time to make examples for!"

So this is where I'm at right now, building on a style guide, will edit and cut it down to fewer styles and include 3D and Photo/illustration.
The style above is currently something Im sketching on for a children's book thats been a long time in the making called "How to fox" and I'm kinda giddy about braking out my watercolor pad to paint the originals.
Below is a screenshot from the WIP of it. All images are picture prompts based on the image at the top of the page.
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