Ten Reasons
to hire me
as your

Reason one

I Rock!

I take pride in my work, and I'm good at it.
I've studied and worked with storytelling, service design, graphic design, game design, art direction and marketing.

Reason two


I've been around :)

I've worked with a wide range of people and companies, from the small independent contractor to the big multinational corporations. I've worked at agencies, inhouse and as a contractor. I know how to turn an idea into a finished product.

Reason three

I'm a good listener

I realize that there's one big factor in selling something;
first you listen, then you engage in a conversation.

Reason four

I see the big picture

Some get stuck on details. I see the big picture, the strategy and matter of things, before I move on to details.

Reason five

I know intangible assets

I'm experienced with creating, developing and implementing brands of various sizes. I know that clients put their trust in me when I work with their brand and I do my utmost to understand my clients voice.

Reason six

I'm a gaming nerd

The biggest challenge there is; to make a UI so intuitive that even a 3 year old understands it, without text. I have experience in designing PC games, social media games and for mobile platforms.

Reason seven

I'm a wicked Illustrator

Regardless if you want something hand painted, done in vector or in 3D. I can do it fast, on brief and probably better than you expected.

Reason eight

I know my grids

There's something beautiful about a perfectly balanced logo or layout. An empty grid, waiting to be filled or a uniform set of icons. I know it might sound corny, but I love the graphic design part of this job.

Reason nine

It's not all about me

It's about teamwork, about putting the clients needs first and about never, ever missing a deadline.

Reason ten

I'm versatile

Let me show you my portfolio over a cup of coffee.
/Malin Grön